Why our Clients Choose us !

Komercon is connected to most of the major waste suppliers and end-users, and with strategic partnerships 

all around the world, Komercon offers long-term solutions based on decades of expertise. 

A few words about how we see the market

Whether it is to make sustainable products or to produce sustainable energy, waste materials are increasingly part of this. It is important to guarantee the quality of the raw materials and to coordinate it with its use. Komercon is a specialist in bringing these markets together.

Connected to newest technologies and with strategic partnerships all around the world, Komercon offers long term solutions based on decades of expertise. The Komercon team has experience of providing practical advice on all waste types, including municipal, household, commercial, industrial, hazardous, agricultural, and mining waste.

Working with the largest Waste management companies, Komercon build up a reputation as reliable business partner in new technology development, the sourcing, transportation and trading of feedstock and commodities and therefore work around the world on gamechanger projects.

We understand the processes and challenge to overcome, know the waste compensation needed and for most we are in it for the long term. 

Every waste/biomass producer will try to maximise their process to increase margins. In this process, total cost of ownership is often underestimated and/or even not looked at.

At Komercon we are involved in the complete value chain. We make sure the products are of the right and agreed quality, lower logistics cost and take care of all paperwork when required. In this we approach an open and transparent communication between parties to lower supply risks.

Combining several suppliers for our client’s location needed input material does not only lower downfall supplier risk for the end users but also gives the material supplier the confidence that ‘put or pay’ clauses are shared between different companies. With a solid network of suppliers, Komercon combine commodities from different region, countries or even continents. We are not following the market, we create it!

Our Mission

Komercon is a full-service commodity supplier for the industry and energy sector. We supply raw materials, from (organic) residual flows, mostly in partnership with suppliers and end users.  We take care of the entire demand and decrease hereby the supply risk. This way of close cooperation creates a long-term and strong partnership.

Our Vision

Our vision is to make this world a fossil fuel free economy. In this way we will be contributing to a significant CO2 emission reduction for our future generations by using alternative fuels and maximum material recovery.

Our Focus

Komercon has a focus on biomass, alternative fuels, and material recovery.

We offer our customers:

•  International network

•  Value chain creation

•  One-stop Partner

•  Concept Development