Our Services

The Komercon team has experience of providing practical advice on all types of waste and alternative fuels.

Our Solutions

The geographically diverse nature of feedstock sources, such as wood, organic residues and waste streams like SRF/RDF, creates supply chain risks. 

Komercon aims to reduce this risk to help its customers with the best available solutions specific for them. Our goal is to create low-risk, long-term supply contracts with strategic partners.

Our advantages

Thanks to our independent position, we can offer the best available solution on a project basis to maximize profit in close relation with local requirements and future-proof solutions. 

Connected to most of the major waste suppliers, and with strategic partnerships all around the world, Komercon offers long-term solutions based on decades of expertise. 

Our Markets


Waste to energy (WTE) is the procedure of utilizing waste to generate electricity or energy. Various technologies are being used to produce energy from waste source such as, municipal and domestic waste. Energy produced from the process can be in form of fuel, electricity, or heat. The Waste-to-energy management is considered as a major part of the waste disposal structure of any nation as it comes often under renewable energy sources. The waste to energy market refers to electricity produced with usage of waste sources.


Thirty years ago, cement companies started to treat waste as a source of raw material and energy. Today, the cement industry provides a significant contribution to the waste management practices of many countries. The responsible use of waste as an alternative fuel to heat cement kilns is lowering the industry’s consumption of fossil fuels, which is helping to reduce the environmental footprint of global cement production.


The overall strategy of waste management in Europe is toward more material and energy recovery from waste and less landfilling. The European Union (EU) has, via the Landfill Directive, set a target for reducing the biologically degradable waste fraction going to landfills.

Komercon sees Material Recovery as one of the key elements in the future waste industry and supports several initiatives within this field. 

Our Material

Alternative Fuels

  • RDF (Fluff and pellets)
  • SRF (Fluff and pellets)
  • Wood Pellets
  • Combination feedstock (on spec)


  • Wood chips (fresh and waste)
  • Forestry residues
  • Agricultural residues
  • Bio-fuels (a.o. fats and oils)

Material Recovery

  • Municipal solid wastes (MSW)
  • Plastics
  • Gypsum
  • Fly-ash
  • Sludge